Committee on Media and Technology


  • Jo Pierson – Professor of Media, Innovation and Technology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


  • Norberto Andrade – Global Policy Lead for Digital and AI Ethics at Facebook
  • Paula Boddington – Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff University, UK
  • Patrice Chazerand – Digitaleurope
  • Elizabeth Crossick – Head of Gov Relations – EU at Elsevier
  • Janne Elvelid – Policy Manager EU Affairs at Facebook
  • Aphra Kerr – Associate professor at Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Cornelia Kutterer – Senior Director, EU Government Affairs, AI & Privacy and Digital Policies at Microsoft
  • Stefania Milan – Associate Professor of New Media and Digital Culture, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Evdoxia Nerantzi – EU Government Affairs Coordinator at Microsoft
  • Cory Robinson – Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Communication Design at Linköping University, Norrkoping, Sweden
  • Fons Verbeek – Full Professor in Bio-Imaging and Bio-Informatics, Leiden Insitute of Advanced Computer Science, Netherlands