We support our customers in the implementation of advanced technology solutions which can track, verify, and assess their AI compliance.

Technology changes quickly. Regulations and standards evolve and are updated on a rolling basis. It is hard to keep track of diverse requirements and emerging tools for machine learning – governance can and should be repeatable across your modeling systems. When you build your AI governance platform you have to be sure that your solution is flexible, scalable, and can grow with the customers business needs for governance and product innovation.

AI4People, assess and implement responsible and ethical governance from policy to proof for internal and external stakeholders, including technical teams, business owners, regulators, and auditors.

The approach is hybrid and is based on the development of proprietary technology and the choice and selection of the best existing technology providers. We support the customer throughout the entire process by combining our AI experts with experts from other sectors in order to complete a reliable AI Ethics and Governance Assessment.

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