About AI4People

About AI4People

Assessing AI Risk

AI4People promotes responsible AI and supports governments and global business leaders in mitigating AI risks and implementing AI ethics and AI technologies across the whole organization in a safe, risk-free, ethic and responsible manner.

AI4People addresses burgeoning concerns related to bias, privacy, accountability, and transparency in AI algorithms and applications. The company strives to foster trust, innovation, and a sustainable future where AI serves society equitably and responsibly.

AI4People was established as a Limited Company in UK by Michelangelo Baracchi Bonvicini (President Atomium-EISMD), Luciano Floridi (Founding Director of the Digital Ethics Center, Yale University), Robert Madelin (former Director-General DG Connect, European Commission) and AI4People Institute as spin-off of AI4People Institute, they previously launched in 2018 with Tony Blair. AI4People Institute is at the origin of the regulatory process that led to the AI Act in Europe, the world’s first AI regulation.

AI4People brings together the most advanced range of skills needed across the different topics – ethics, technology and compliance – depending on the stage of the implementation, the industry, the functional areas and the organization’s ambitions.

CONSULTING > We work with our clients to assess the level of AI compliance with regulation and identify the required remediation.

TECHNOLOGY > We support our customers in the implementation of advanced technology solutions which can track, verify, and assess their AI compliance.

TRAINING > We offer highly specific and customized learning sessions on different AI modules to the top management, in order to increase the overall understanding of AI solutions.

INSURANCE > We partner with the most innovative insurance providers to mitigate the level of exposure of our clients to AI related risks.