AI4People’s training services are designed to offer top management an answer to the emerging challenges in AI and the need for AI ethics education. The services also provide for constant updating on regulation and imminent compliance needs.

The integration of AI into various aspects of human life is underway, and the complex ethical concerns emerging from the design, deployment, and use of the technology serves as a reminder that it is time to revisit what future developers and designers, along with professionals, are learning when it comes to AI. It is of paramount importance to train top management to reflect on the ways in which AI might impact people’s lives and to embrace their responsibilities to enhance its benefits while mitigating its potential harms.

Many organizations are proposing remedies to the ethical challenges resulting from AI. A key piece of the puzzle is enabling top management to understand that the technology their businesses are building or using is intertwined with ethical dimensions, and that they have a vital role and responsibility to engage with ethical considerations.

The aim in establishing an authentic professional mindset is related to cultivating moral sensitivity; in other words, they need the ability to recognize that professional, including “technical”, decision-making is intertwined with ethical considerations.

Our team is interdisciplinary in order to create an AI ethics and legal/regulation content. The challenges emerging in relation to AI cross over disciplinary lines and are too complex for any single type of expertise to handle. Insights from lawyers, sociologists, policy scholars, philosophers, and others along with scientists and engineers are especially valuable when determining how to educate students about AI ethics.

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