AI4People: The AI Act and the defense of the public good


In these hectic days due to the latest negotiations on the AI ​​Act we are shocked by the position of France, Germany and Italy which, according to our leading experts and to the majority of voices in the scientific community, do not reflect the general interest but instead represent non-European interests.

This was clearly and courageously denounced by Commissioner Thierry Breton just a few days ago. A large number of institutes such as AI4People (with this letter) and the European Digital SME Alliance -representing 45,000 business members- advice to regulate foundation models, denying the rhetoric that regulation is against innovation.

We see two problems in the current situation: the first concerns a truly effective regulation against a ridiculous proposal of “self-regulation” which means NON-regulation of foundation models. The second is a problem that goes beyond the AI ​​Act: we are experiencing a brazen attack on our democracy. The lobbies cannot and must not influence in such way the democratic process which envisaged a long and high-quality legislative work such as that of the AI ​​Act.

We, as AI4People Institute, entirely defend the proposal presented by the European Parliament and in particular the part concerning the regulation of foundation models, which we believe is decisive both to defend the general interest and to guarantee transparent and regulated innovation.

The common good has been defended in an exceptional way in recent weeks by the European Parliament.

Below we report the letter addressed to President Macron, President Meloni and Chancellor Scholtz by Professor Luciano Floridi, first Chairman of AI4People Institute, and Michelangelo Baracchi Bonvicini, President AI4People Institute and co-signed by numerous leading members of the AI4People’s network.